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Clear Your Mind, Gain Self-Mastery, and Better Your Relationships like never before.

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Meet The Founder: Gordon Xavier

With 10 years experience in the space of personal development and metaphysics, Gordon is a master at helping people to step into their true potential, communicate confidently, and ultimately create their ideal life experience.


Having amassed close to 30,000 subscribers and 2 million channel views on YouTube, his content has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and initiate powerful spiritual awakenings.


Through experiencing his own challenges in life, like losing his mother to cancer at age 7 and working through a difficult season of alcohol abuse with his father, Gordon learned the strategies he needed to transform his own life and has personally coached over 100 people to do the same. Helping them to swap their own emotional wounds and pain for connection, confidence, fulfillment, joy and success instead.


After dedicating hundreds, if not thousands of hours to accumulating knowledge and experience revolving around developing self-mastery and optimizing the mind, body, and spirit connection, Gordon is on a mission to share these powerful tools with others so that they too can unleash their own true potential and experience the life they actually want.

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