My Name is Gordon Xavier

If you couldn't tell by now, I am a big believer in personal development and growth. Growing up, I always found myself feeling unsatisfied with the way I was showing up in the world. I always had a sense that there was something profound living inside of me that wanted to be expressed and given. However, I found myself always limited by something in my life whether it be school, friends, family, work, or the world in general.  Then one day an overwhelming sense of personal responsibility hit me... the only thing that was limiting me... was me! 


Once this awareness graced my mind, my life drastically changed for the better.  I made the decision to live my life in alignment with "If it doesn't Evolve me, it doesn't Involve me!"


I began to stretch myself: mind, body, and spirit.  I took up wrestling my freshman year of high school. Even though I was too weak to do a pull up and lost almost every match that year, I loved it! By participating in the deeply challenging sport I got to Evolve! 


By the time senior year rolled around I was one of the most in shape guys in my school and I placed 6th in the State Championship Tournament! Not bad given my starting position! 


After graduating, I found myself head over heals in love with the idea of Evolving every aspect of my life - the way I did with my body through wrestling. So whilst in college, in addition to my intense workout routine, I began to work out my mind and spirit.


Instead of going to class, I found myself creating my own curriculum by consuming hundreds of hours of personal development content on YouTube and practicing speaking by making videos of myself talking about what I learned. I also took up Meditation.  This brought into my awareness my purpose:  To inspire others and to help them Evolve.


Since then I have supported thousands of people in their evolutionary journey by sharing what I have learned, through my online YouTube Community, as well as through various speeches I've given in the heart of the midwest. And I am just getting started.


I am on a mission to equip as many people as possible with the tools and awarenesses needed to take charge of their Evolutionary Journey in the most positive, productive way: through love. 


On this page you will find the simplest most straightforward way you can participate in and support this mission. Get an Evolve Shirt and Represent Your Evolution and Growth! 


Wearing this shirt will not only raise your vibration and remind you to Evolve, but it will inspire the people you come into contact with on a daily basis to do the same. 


There are two shirt options: You can get the plain Evolve Shirt or you can get the Evolve Shirt with the quote on the back "You Can't Spell Evolve, without Love." Whichever one you choose, know you are claiming your evolution and growth, planting seeds wherever you go, and are helping make a big difference.


Thanks for connecting with me. If you'd like to read more about how "You Can't Spell Evolve without Love", you can do so here.


With Love and Care,




Mens Evolve Shirt

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Mens Evolve Shirt

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Womens Evolve Shirt

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