JUNE 10, 2021 - Personal Growth

Your Personal Growth Journey: How to Stop Getting Stuck and Breakthrough

By Gordon Xavier

If you’ve ever picked up a self help book, listened to a motivating audio, or learned something new, and successfully applied it to your life, you know how good it feels to create breakthrough, realize something great, and make progress in your life.


You know what it is like to put a ton of hard work and effort into creating change in your life and watching it finally pays off.


But then somewhere along the road you hit a break wall. 


No matter what you read or listen to you find yourself stuck and unhappy with your circumstances and in hopes for something more.


You wonder what went wrong or if you made a mistake. You think to yourself, when I am going to be happy and satisfied with my life? When will I be enough? When will I have the confidence, courage, and skill to create the life I've always dreamed of? Why are things not going any where? 


BOOM. You’re back to square one again, and you have to start all over.


Or do you?


In my experience, that’s not always the case.


After years of growing and plateauing, growing and plateauing, I've extracted a lot of wisdom from existing in these two contrasting paradigms.


At first, whenever I would hit a wall in my personal development I would begin to consume more content. I would read more, study more, workout more, eat better, etc.


As these seasons of pushing forward and searching progressed, I eventually would find myself burned out.  Yea I moved some things around in my life, but the good feeling I would get from doing so was always so temporary and fleeting.


As I observed this, I found that the satisfaction I was seeking was never going to come from what I do or what I have. The satisfaction I was seeking required me to go deeper. 


That’s what I’m going to share with you today. I'm going to share with you, what it looks like to go "deeper". 


The Key to Consistent Growth

Can someone with a million dollars in the bank, be unhappy and unfulfilled? Of course.  


Can someone with no money in the bank at all be happy and fulfilled? Absolutely.


Can someone who is disciplined in their actions and routines, be stagnant and dead inside? Yes.


Can someone who is loose and flowy in their actions and routines, be productive and alive inside? For sure.


Why do I point out these opposing circumstances and states of being?


I point this out to highlight that our states of being are not dependent on what we do or have.


The truth is, our internal state of being has very little to do with the external world or our actions! Even though it may seem like it does. The external world can be influential for sure, but our internal state is by no means dependent on it unless you make it so.


This was a major paradigm shift for me.


In the early stages of my evolutionary journey I would always look outside of myself for the perfect arrangements of circumstances that would allow me to feel complete.


This kept me from evolving my awareness. It kept me from truly connecting with the inherent completeness and wholeness that was already inside. 


The key to consistent growth and happiness lies not in what we do or have but rather in how we choose to show up in our beingness in the face of the pains and pleasures of life. 


Choose THIS Always and Watch Yourself Breakthrough


If you are committed to your self-realization, growth, and happiness, allow the phrase below to impress itself upon your mind and heart.

"You Can't Spell Evolve, Without Love."

The word Love takes up the majority of the word Evolve. If you are to fully surrender to your evolutionary process, you must fully surrender to love. 

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Before we go further, it is important that we are on the same page as to what love actually is.


Love isn't just something you get.


Love isn't just something you do.


Loves isn't just something you exchange with family and friends.


Love is a form of consciousness.


Love is a state of being. It is THE State of being.  


When cultivated, harnessed, and understood, love, as a state of being, crystalizes into a skillset that will support you in effortlessly doing and having all that you desire.


If you have ever found yourself stuck in your evolutionary journey, not progressing, chances are, you started resisting your true identity: love.


This tendency to resist love is typically founded upon painful memories or traumas that have come from life experiences where love was involved. If you are having a hard time letting go of that pain or resistance I encourage you to book an expression session with me. In that session you receive opportunities to explore and process those blockages.


When you embrace Love as your true identity and allow yourself to show up as Love everywhere you go, you will find your consciousness, unfolding, expanding, refining, and evolving forever. 


This is because Love expresses itself in your nervous system as openness, receptivity, depth, freedom, patience, empathy, resilience, compassion, accpetance, and understanding.


(All qualities needed to Evolve)


Where as fear expresses itself as restriction, guardedness, resistance, attachment, impatience, coldness, fragility, discrimination, and judgment.


(All qualities that keep you Stuck)


Observe your experience of these two polaric energies closesly and you will find this to be true.


"If you are committed to self-realization and growth, then that means you are also committed to going past your edge, past your pain, past your fear, past your restricting resistance, and straight into the open depths of your heart and soul. "


In Summary


The only way you will be able to access the qualities needed to transcend and go beyond your edge, is through the realization that your true identity is love and through the crystalization of that identity as skillful communication and resourcefulness.


With this realization, you will never need to be dependent on anything external to yourself again in order to feel whole and satisfied.


You will have internal access to the infinitely powerful qualities that lie within the consciousness and vibration that is Love. 


Love is Freedom. Love is Authenticity. Love is Connection. Love is Relaxation. Love is Presence. Love is Openness. Love is Compassion. Love is Grace.  Love is Support. Love is Life.  


The list is infinite. Love is limitless.


Realize your true identity as Love and watch your life unfold and Evolve in the most spectacular of ways.


With Love and Lucidity,

Gordon Xavier

"You Can't Spell Evolve, Without Love."

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About Gordon

Gordon is a Self-Love and Conscious Communication Coach and is the Founder of Let's Evolve Academy. He has amassed close to 30,000 subscribers and 2 million views through his YouTube Channel and has helped transform the lives of thousands worldwide. He is on a mission to equip as many people as possible with the tools and awarenesses needed to take charge of their Evolutionary Journey in the most positive, productive way: through love.


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